Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Female Genital Mutilation In Liberia (Fgm)

Topic: Female Genital Mutilation in Liberia (FGM) 1.0. INTRODUCTION In Liberia, it is believed that a significant proportion of the young- concuring(prenominal) population has suffered female venereal mutilation (FGM) because FGM is class periodd by 13 ethnic groups. There is no way to substantiate the prediction that the civil war whitethorn work reduce the incidence of FGM, that it is clear that women with conterminous ties to rural areas hire undergone the procedure and that impoverished families are trivial to afford sending daughters to the crotch hair schools where the out of sight societies prepare girls for cod date and include FGM as part of the initiation rites. It is estimated that 95% of Liberian women experience FGC. within Liberian culture the practice of FGC is super significant and is linked to the Sande or the womens secret society. Within this culture, women are non perceived as adults, not suitable for marriage, not able to join the San de, or bear children unless they have had the procedure. The procedure is typically performed when the girls are prepubescent but may be done as early as 3 years old. There are typically deuce types of FGC practiced. The source is the removal of the clitoris and the labia minora but leaving the labia majora intact.
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The s is called Clitoridectomy, where yet the clitoris is removed, leaving the labia majora and minora intact. There are several(prenominal) wellness risks associated with this practice. The civil war has destroyed many of the bush schools. Now, female initiates spend a weekend in a sande sept inst ead of 6-12 months in the bush, and the age ! of initiation, formerly between 8 and 14 years, has dropped to 3-7 years. In 1985, a Liberian interior(a) standoff on Traditional Practices Affecting the Health was created to turn out inquiry and raise awareness of the harmful sequalae of FGM. Campaigns against FGM in the luck media have had little effect to date. The Liberian Action Network, which seeks eradication by focusing on social and health problems...If you postulate to bushel a full essay, order it on our website: BestEssayCheap.com

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