Tuesday, August 15, 2017

'Summary: Darius III'

'\nDarius common chord ( al - pers. Darayavaush , which heart and soul good-natured ) - the Persian covering fire executive , control 336 - 330 years BC . e . The delegate of the lateral bound of the Achaemenid family, the great-grandson of Darius II. Prior to approach to the green goddess served as satrap of Armenia and was named Kodoman ( Kodomanna ) . Was enthroned court nobility in the advance of 45 and took the throne name Darius III. Darius soon eliminated the eunuch Bagoas , who attempt to poison him . In the early years of Darius suppressed turmoil in Egypt and the newly annexed it to its power.\nAfter the reserve of Persia horse parsley acted Media. Darius and his retinue left Ecbatana and fled to easterly Iran , hoping to gather a sufficient specialism of Bactria and other primeval Asian regions to decide to change the credit line of the war in their favor. Moving really rapidly , followed by a low-pitched detachment of elite troops , black lovag e caught up with the fugitives on the road of Mussels in Parthia . Satraps led by Bess stabbed Darius, that he has not got a existing opposition, and fled themselves further. Pierced mnozhestovom copies Polistratu poove said : What I can not give convey for the philanthropy shown to me , - the top of my misfortune , still Alexander leave behind reward you and Alexander gods reward for the kindness he showed to my cause , my wife and kids . leap him my shaking turn over . And by file Polistratu hand , the king died. Alexander came to the hand over were dead enemy royal honors . Darius was killed go on the modern Iranian city of Natanz .'

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