Thursday, October 3, 2019

Rabbit Proof Fence - Help to Study Essay Example for Free

Rabbit Proof Fence Help to Study Essay While watching the movie, take notes and think about the following questions: 1. What is the history and context of the film? When is it set? In what genre is it? Is it based on a true story, a book? Is it fictional? True story. 2. How did the cameraman use specific angles, lighting and music in the film to indicate different moods? What did you notice about the camera angels as the girls became more threatened, for example? What happened to the music when the girls were trying to escape? The music is trying to sound like native music but with a modern feature. 3. What is the fence designed for? How does the fence function as a symbol? Why is the film titled rabbit-proof fence? 4. Very early on in the film, we see the eagle, Molly’s totem, her spirit bird. Her mother tells her the eagle will look after her. When does the bird appear again in the film and why? 5. Discuss Mr. Neville’s theory of eugenics. What were his policies and official duties? Is he a villain or is he a misguided idealist? Why are half-caste children seen as a problem? Think about Neville’s attitude toward the girls? Does it change over the course of the film? Give examples of words and actions that indicate this change. 6. The three children are not experienced actors. Do you find them convincing? Give your reasons. 7. What do you think are some of the film’s key themes and issues? Are these issues/themes effectively communicated through the film? 8. Finally, did you enjoy the movie? Either way, find examples and use descriptions to state your opinion.

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