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Trategic Management Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Trategic Management - Case Study Example In the pat three year, a Emeron ha intenified it focu on growth, annual diviion planning conference have been devoted entirely to thi initiative. (Hitt, Ireland and Hokion, 2006) One element of the management proce i the Bet Cot Producer trategy. With thi trategy, Emeron trive to manufacture product at the lowet relevant global cot that meet or exceed cutomer expectation. Firt articulated in the early 1980, thi trategy enure that Emeron utain high level of profitability, which in turn provide funding for top-line growth initiative. In the pat five year, Emeron' bet cot poition ha improved the gro profit margin by 1.6 percent, allowing u to increae ale and marketing expenditure in upport of growth program. (Hitt, Ireland and Hokion, 2006) Two area in which the Bet Cot Producer trategy ha been particularly effective recently are upplier conolidation and material cot reduction, and etablihing local market preence in developing region of the world. In fical 1993, Emeron formally began a program of upgrading the Company' procurement function to contain inflation in the cot of material. The primary focu of thi program, upplier conolidation, ha contributed ignificantly to material inflation containment and productivity and, therefore, to overall profitability. By reducing upplier by more than 10 percent per year, Emeron ha achieved lower cot of material through leverage. Working more cloely with fewer upplier further enable them to better undertand Emeron' product and manufacturing procee, and to ugget additional cot reduction. In elected intance, the Company ha formed joint venture with upplier to provide the neceary invetment for tate-of-the-art technology to enure that material are available at the bet cot. (Gomez, Lui , David , Balkin and Robert , 2008) Etablihing a local market preence i another mean of achieving bet cot tatu. In the pat five year, for example, while dometic employment level have increaed, the Company ha imultaneouly created approximately 4,000 new job in Aia and Eatern Europe to better erve thoe growing market. Thi expanion of infratructure in developing region provide manufacturing flexibility and the ability to repond to fluctuation in currencie and economie. Additionally, the Company benefit from lower regional cot that are neceary to compete effectively in thee area. The management proce alo include organization planning. Each operation i regularly reviewed to conider it organization tructure and the kill et of it people relative to it revenue and profit initiative. We evaluate the talent pool in each unit to identify high-potential manager, provide career enhancing opportunitie and, a a reult, enure that the human reource are in place to upport our continued ucce. Emeron' hitory of conitent financial performance i the bet meaure of the effectivene of the management proce. B: Identify the potential profit pool that are available to Emeron Electric. Emeron Electric Co. aid it fical econd-quarter earning roe 11 percent on international growth and ale in it egment that make product including communication infratructure and temperature gauge. The electrical product maker aid late Tueday it earned $547 million, or 69 cent per hare, compared with $494 million, or 61 cent per hare, in the year-ago quarter.

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