Saturday, November 23, 2019

French Expressions Using Bout

French Expressions Using Bout The French word un bout literally means the end of something or a bit of something. But bout has other meanings as well and is also used in dozens of idiomatic expressions, noun clauses, and prepositional phrases. Learn how to say at arms length, on its last legs, the middle of nowhere, and more with this list of expressions with bout. Possible Meanings of un bout bitendlength (of rope)patch (of sky, land)piecescraptip Expressions with bout le bout de lanmemorial serviceun bout du doigtfingertipun bout dessaiscreen test, test filmun bout filtrefilter tip (cigarette)un bout du mondethe middle of nowhere; the ends of the earthun bout de rà ´lebit part, walk-on partun bout du seinnippleun bout de terraina patch/plot of landun bon bout de cheminquite a ways, a fair distanceun bon bout de tempsa good while, quite some timeun (petit) bout de chou/zan (informal)a little kidun petit bout de femme (informal)a mere slip of a womanun petit bout dhomme (informal)a mere scrap of a man bout de brasat arms length bout carrà ©square-tipped bout de courseon its/ones last legs(tech) at full-stroke bout de forcesexhausted, worn out bout de lià ¨gecork-tipped bout de soufflebreathless, out of breath bout rondround-tipped bout portantpoint-blank bout de soufflebreathless, out of breath; on its last legs tout bout de champall the time, at every opportunityau bout deat the end/bottom of; afterau bout du compteall things consideredau bout d u filon the other end of the telephoneau bout dun momentafter a whilebout boutend to endde bout en boutfrom one end to the otherdu bout dewith the ends ofdu bout des doigtswith ones fingertipsdu bout des là ¨vresreluctantly, half-heartedlydun bout lautrefrom one end to the other, from start to finishdun bout lautre de lannà ©eall year longen bout deat the end/bottom ofen bout de courseon its/ones last legs; ultimatelyjusquau bout(right) to the endjusquau bout des onglesthrough and through, right to ones fingertipssur le bout deon the tip ofsen aller par tous les bouts (informal)to be falling apartapplaudir du bout des doigtsto clap half-heartedlyconnaà ®tre un bout de (informal)to know a thing or two aboutà ªtre boutto be exhausted; to be angry, out of patienceà ªtre bout deto be out ofà ªtre au bout de ses peinesto be out of the woods; to have no more troublesà ªtre au bout du rouleau (informal)to be exhausted; to be running out of money; to be near deathfaire un bout d e chemin ensembleto be together for a while (as a couple)joindre les deux boutsto make ends meetlire un livre de bout en boutto read a book cover to covermanger du bout des dentsto nibblemettre les bouts(fam) to skedaddle, scarpermontrer le bout de son nezto show ones face, peep around (the corner, door)parcourir une rue de bout en boutto go from one end of a street to the otherpointer le bout de son nezto show ones face, peep around (the corner, door)porter quelque chose bout de brasto struggle to keep something goingpousser quelquun boutto push someone to the limit / too farprendre quelque chose par le bon boutto handle/approach something the right waysavoir quelque chose sur le bout du doigt / des doigtsto know something inside and outtenir le bon bout (informal)to be on the right track; to be past the worst of somethingvenir bout de nounto get through, succeed, overcome somethingvoir le bout du tunnelto see the light at the end of the tunnelÇa fait un (bon) bout (de chem in). (informal)Thats a long way.Ce nest pas le bout du monde  !It wont kill you! Its not the end of the world!Commenà §ons par un bout.Lets get started / make a start.Le soleil montre le bout de son nez.The sun is (barely) out.On ne sait pas par quel bout le prendre.You just dont know how to handle/approach it.​ On nen voit pas le bout.There doesnt seem to be any end to it.

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